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1.It is not always easy for the public to see ________ use a new invention can be of to human life.

A. whose B. what C. which D. that

2.Our teachers always tell us to believe in ________ we do and who we are if we want to succeed.

A.why B.how C.what D.which

3.—What's your uncle's opinion about your decision?

—He always encourages me to do ________ I think I should.

A.what B.when C.how D.that

4.—Don't you think it too expensive?

—Never mind ________ the price is; if it is what we need we'll buy it.

A. what B. how much C. how D. how many

5.The new CRH train between Beijing and Shanghai ________ speed can reach about 380km/h will benefit ________ takes it.

A. whose; whoever B. which; whichever

C. whose; who D. where; whoever

6.The companies are working together to create ________ they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century.

A. which B. that

C. what D. who

7.Having arrived at the earthquake­stricken area, we were led to ________ the homeless people lived.

A.what B.in which

C.that D.where

8.I would appreciate ________ you could give me some advice on learning English.

A.it whether B.it if

C.that when D.that if

9.Mobile phone users have developed a series of symbols, such as  and to show ________ they feel.

A.which B.when

C.how D.why

10.I can't figure out ________ it is that makes him so difficult at school.

A. how B.what C.why D.which

11.—Don't you believe me?

—________, I'll believe ________ you say.

A.No; whatever B.Yes; no matter what

C.No; no matter what D.Yes; whatever

12.Although Anne is happy with her success, she wonders ________ will happen to her private life.

A.that B.this C.it D.what

13.We haven't settled the problem of ________ it is necessary for him to study abroad.

A.why B.whether C.what D.how

14.—How will you deal with these papers, Ann?

—I will leave them to ________ takes over the job.

A.anyone B.someone

C.whoever D.no matter who

15.—Have you finished the book?

—No.I've read up to ______ the children discover the secret cave.

A.which B.what

C.that D.where

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2.答案:C【解析】句意:老师总是告诉我们,如果想要成功,要相信自己所做的事情,也要相信自己。what引导名词性从句,同something that,在从句中作宾语。

3.答案: A【解析】。答语句意:他总是鼓励我做我认为我应该做的事。由上下文可知,should后省略了do,do后缺宾语,因此选起双重作用的what。

4.答案:A【解析】________ the price is是宾语从句部分,is后缺少表语,所以选起双重作用的what。答语句意:不要管价格是多少,如果是我们需要的东西,就把它买下来。

5.答案:A【解析】考查定语从句和宾语从句。句意:北京到上海间的高铁时速可达每小时380公里,它们将会给乘客带来很大的便利。第一空是定语从句,whose指代the new CRH train's;第二空是宾语从句,whoever=anyone who。

6.答案:C【解析】句意:公司们正在一起研究他们希望是21世纪最佳的交通方式。此处缺少宾语从句的连接词,而从句________ they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century中they hope是插入语,因此缺少主语,所以选起双重作用的what。


8.答案:B【解析】在英语中,当enjoy, like, love, prefer, appreciate, hate, dislike等表示情绪的动词后接when或if从句时,通常要用it作形式宾语。

9.答案:C【解析】句意:手机/移动电话用户已经发明了一系列的像“微笑”和“不高兴 ”等符号,以表达他们的感受。考查连接词。语境强调的是方式,故用how修饰谓语动词feel。

10.答案:B【解析】句意:我不能理解究竟是什么使得他在学校如此困难。figure out“理解,想出,明白”。考查强调句式的特殊疑问句形式作宾语从句时的语序:wh­+it be that...强调句式中强调的是主语,首先要排除作状语的连接副词how和why,又因语境中的主语为泛指意义,故排除which(有范围,视为特指)选what。

11.答案:D【解析】句意:——难道你不相信我的话吗?——不,你说什么我都信。根据后面的答语...I'll believe________ you say.可以推断第一空使用yes,表示“不”,whatever引导一个宾语从句。no matter what只可引导状语从句,不能引导名词性从句,故可排除B、C。



14.答案:C【解析】答语句意:我要把这些文件留给接管工作的人。A项和B项缺少从句引导词;no matter who只引导状语从句,故此题选C,whoever引导一个宾语从句,相当于anyone who。whoever在宾语从句中作主语,故选C。

15.答案:D【解析】答语的意思是“我已经读到了孩子们发现了那个秘密洞穴的地方”。up to是介词短语;宾语用where引导从句。

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